Burn Fat, lose weight with Resistant Carbohydrates

How to Eat the Right Carbs to Lose Body Fat

There’s a myth that carb filled foods are bad for your health, which isn’t necessarily true. Eating the right carbs can help trigger the sensation of fullness, digest slowly for a constant release of energy and efficiently contribute to weight loss.

According to research from Surrey University in the UK, eating resistant starch once a day decreased the amount that was consumed the following day by around 10% because people felt less hungry.

Research has also found that when people move away from a low-carb diet to one that included generous portions of resistant starch foods, their cravings started to disappear over the course of two days. The resistant starch foods filled people up. Researchers also found that these resistant starch foods also raised their level of the satiety hormones associated with hunger. They also discovered that when people ate resistant starch foods, the brain began to stifle hunger, increase the rates of metabolism and burn fat.

Eating resistant starch carbs are also excellent for burning belly fat. Researchers tested resistant starch fats in rats and found that it increased the activity of fat-burning enzymes while simultaneously decreasing the activity of fat-storing enzymes. The result is that belly-fat cells are far less likely to store calories of fat.

It isn’t just fat burning that resistant starch foods excel in. Carbs keep you more satisfied than any other food group. That feeling of fullness comes about from the release of hormones in the intestine, which reduces your desire to eat more food, thus reducing your overall intake. That allows you to create a caloric deficit in your diet, which reduces your weight over an extended period.

There are also significant mental benefits to eating resistant starch carbs. By consuming this food group, and not cutting it out of your diet completely, dieters feel empowered by the fact that they feel like they are eating regularly, yet still losing weight. This positive feeling galvanizes dieters, allowing them to continue pursuing their diets and burn that fat.

Now that you’ve learned why and how eating resistant starch helps in losing body fat, here is a look at some of the carbs you should be consuming to lose the most weight from resistant starch.


Barley is rich in fiber and stimulates the hormones responsible for appetite suppression. It also increases your metabolism, making you feel fuller for longer.


Quinoa packs more fiber than almost any other resistant starch based food. It also contains substantial amounts of protein, which means that it’s great for building muscle as well as suppressing your appetite. When you have more muscle, you burn more calories.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are an excellent replacement for regular potatoes. They contain fewer carbs and help in regulating your blood sugar. That helps in making your metabolism more efficient, which contributes to burning fat.  Eating them raw or cold increases the resistant starch dramatically.

Whole-Wheat and Brown Variations

Things like whole-wheat bread and brown rice pack far less starch than their white counterparts. So, rather than white bread, try whole-wheat; rather than white pasta, try the whole-wheat variety. These are simple switches that can make a massive difference to your diet and ability to burn off the fat.  Again, eating these starches cold also modifies the starch making them more resistant to digestion, lowering the glycemic load and skipping the normal digestion process that occurs in the stomach and occurring in the lower intestine reaping huge benefits including feeding of your flora or friendly bacteria, less of the calories digested and not spiking your blood sugar levels.

There are loads of advantages to eating a regulated carb-filled the diet. The trick is to eat the right carbs. With this article, hopefully, you can find your way to including resistant starches into your daily diet, burning that fat and living a healthier lifestyle.

Here are some great recipes that have reasonable amounts of resistant starch:


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